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Improve the function & style of your bathroom

A bathroom remodeling project can help you to improve the function and style of a master bathroom, a powder bathroom or a secondary bathroom in your home. While repainting the walls and replacing the fixtures can have a small impact on the look of the space, you may be ready to see a more significant transformation. A custom bathroom remodel is a great idea that can help you to realize the specific results you want to see.

Define your goals

Before you begin your custom bathroom remodeling project, you should define your goals specifically. With this type of project, you can essentially gut the space down the studs in the walls. This means that the toilet, sinks and other built-in features can be moved to different locations. The size and shape of cabinetry and counter tops can be transformed and more. Consider what your dream bathroom space will look like before you get started.



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Set your budget

After you have defined your goals, establish your budget for your bathroom remodeling project. Keep in mind that there are different grades of materials that can be used to help you stay within budget. For example, if you have the desire to install a granite counter top but this material is too expensive, you can use granite tiles or a granite overlay to save money. To avoid running out of money before your project is complete, set a budget and ensure that you can complete the work with the allotted amount of money.

Work with a contractor

Even a skilled do-it-yourself pro may struggle with a custom bathroom remodel project. This is because everything from plumbing and flooring to electrical work, drywall and more may be required. The quality of the finished project may last for years, and some of the projects may impact the safety of those who use the bathroom. Working with a contractor is a smart idea.

If you have plans to update your space with a custom bathroom remodeling project, take time to consider each of these points carefully. By following these tips, you can more easily complete a successful remodeling project in Orland Park, Homer Glen, & Tinley Park, IL