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Customize your home with the help of our design experts

Deciding which colors, patterns, textures, styles and overall ideas you want for your home can be incredibly difficult. At Sherlock's Carpet & Tile, we know how much of a hassle this decision making process can be. We know that your area of expertise is living in homes, not designing them. That’s why we have design consultation experts to help you decide on the most beautiful design possible for your home. We offer design consultation services from interior design experts. They can help you choose which paint colors best compliment the shape and natural lighting of your room. Our design consultation experts can advise you on which colors best play off of each other to bring your decor to life. They can also give you a consultation other elements of style in your home, like the fabric choices that you make, deciding which cabinets fit both the function and fashion of your kitchen, helping you pick out lighting fixtures that highlight the quality and style of the room, and of course choosing which type of flooring, and which colors and patterns of that material, will be the best for you. We want to make your the home remodeling process as easy and hassle-free for you as possible, and with that comes design consultation on the most attractive materials and products to suit your unique personal style. Our design consultation experts have plenty of experience helping develop the style and personality of a home for many satisfied clients and happy customers.

The Sherlock commitment

Sherlock's Carpet & Tile is committed to doing everything you need to make your home beautiful. Visit our store today for a consultation about which designs and styles would best serve to make your home your own. Our design consultation services are part of what we pride ourselves on here at Sherlock's. For more information or to set up an appointment call (708) 429-0440.



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