Granite countertops


What to expect from custom granite countertops

Granite is considered to be a highly desirable, high-end material that is used in fine homes throughout the country and beyond. One of the most common areas where granite is used in homes is with countertops. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, you may be wondering if granite is a feasible option for you. The team at Sherlock's Carpet & Tile are here to tell you of the advantages and disadvantageous to consider with every material, and this holds true for granite as well. With a closer look at what to expect from custom granite countertops, you may make a decision that is best for your home in Orland Park, Homer Glen, Tinley Park or Frankfort, Illinois.

The advantages

A professional granite countertop can be a truly beautiful addition to your home, and it can add value and style alike to your space. There are an almost endless range of color options available, making it easy to find the granite countertop that is right for your space. When properly cared for, the material can be a treasured addition to your space for many years to come.



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The disadvantages

Perhaps the most significant drawback associated with granite is the cost. The cost of professional granite countertop installation can vary based on the type of granite you get, the thickness and the quality of the installation. However, this is not the cheapest material available, and it is considered to be an upgrade. It also will need to be sealed approximately once a year, and you may not be able to use all household cleaners on it.

Making your desicion

Custom granite countertops are not suitable for all homeowners in Orland Park, Illinois. You may consider reviewing the different color and style options and getting a quote for the cost of installation. You can consider comparing this against the cost of more affordable options, such as laminate. Keep in mind, however, that a professionally installed granite countertop can enhance your property value, so this may be considered to be an investment into your home rather than a sunk cost.

There are numerous factors to consider when you are thinking about updating your countertops and Sherlock's Carpet & Tile is here to walk you through all of your options. Style, cost, maintenance and other factors are all important. By learning more about granite and comparing it against other options, you may determine that now is the time to move forward with your granite countertop installation project in Orland Park, Homer Glen, Tinley Park or Frankfort, Illinois.
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