Three tips on carpet flooring textures

Three tips on carpet flooring textures

Texture is the way your carpeting feels underfoot or to the touch. And you'll find that certain choices will serve your household best.

If you've never experienced carpet before, you might wonder how to find the best texture fit. So, here are three tips on finding a texture that works for you.

1. Choose a texture that works under your home's traffic levels

Household traffic levels are pretty different for a family of two than for six with two dogs. And with those other households comes a need for different textures.

Some floor covering options are plush, long, and show footprints and vacuum tracks with ease, while others don't. Choose textures that hold up well under traffic and pets for a busy home.

2. Choose a texture that matches your decor

Some textures look better in a formal space, while others have an apparent casual bend. Choosing a surface for your decor can include thinking about the room's formality.

For instance, you might not use the same carpet in your child's room in the formal sitting area. In addition, your carpeting choice matters as the decor or trends change over time.

3. Choose a texture you like!

What you like is always best when it all comes down to it. As long as it meets the other needs, you must want it.

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