Approximately 45% of households in the US have a dog. Pets are our family and we need to consider what flooring is best to introduce them to considering their nails can wreak havoc on your beautiful new floors. Any kind of waste from your dog will also adversely affect hardwood flooring.

Here at Sherlock’s, we recommend Vinyl flooring. Vinyl is highly durable, easy to maintain, and highly resistant to scratches, dents and moisture. Believe it or not, it even softens the sounds of your pet’s nails when they walk across the floor! Vinyl flooring is ultimately going to be your best choice for flooring, but we also know that many homeowners’ hearts are set on the timeless, beautiful look of hardwood floors. With that being said, there a smarter choices than others when it comes to the selection process.

- The hardness of the species of wood will determine how your floors
will hold up with the wear and tear of the traffic through your house.
The Janka Hardness Rating is a great reference when determining
what wood species rank on the hardness scale.

- Going with a lighter color wood is also going to mask any scratches
better than a dark wood will.

Avoid: soft woods
Pine, fir, cedar
American cherry
American walnut

The softer woods will dent more easily.

Most recommended: