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Delivery services


Delivery services

Once you have chosen the materials that you need for your renovation, Sherlock's Carpet & Tile will deliver them right to your door in Orland Park. From our warehouse to your home, we take the utmost care of your flooring and other home remodeling accessories, so that they arrive in perfect condition. Never again deal with the stress of waiting for your materials to show up, and wondering what sort of condition they’ll be in. Never deal with the hassle and inconvenience of trucking down to the store and carting your flooring home yourself. You have more important things to worry about, let us handle all of the delivery issues.

No matter what you order from us, we can deliver it. All of our materials are possible to deliver to you, quickly and in perfect condition. Our priority is getting you your products, so that you can begin your renovation as quickly as possible, and turn the home you live in into a home that you love.

Trust Sherlock's Carpet & Tile to deliver all of your home renovation materials. We offer fast, efficient, stress free shipping on all of the materials that we offer, so you can be sure to get what you need, when you need it. We know how to get you the materials that you’ve ordered in a timely, effective manner, always without damaging any of them like some other delivery companies. Our delivery drivers are safe and courteous with your purchases, and can guarantee the delivery of everything that you have ordered to be on-time and without any signs of wear from the travel. There is no more dependable company than us.

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Trust us to get you everything that you have purchased and need for your renovation quickly and without damage. We’ve got the experience, the resources, and the expertise to live up to your every expectation. Call today to learn more (708) 232-3400.