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Custom backsplash design


Custom backsplash design

When you're feeling like your kitchen needs a little pick-me-up in its decor, one of the easiest and least expensive measures you can take is to install a backsplash. Requiring little to no major construction to install, depending on the amount of electrical work you need rerouted in order to ensure that your chosen pattern isn't interrupted by ugly electrical sockets, some backsplashes can even be installed by do-it-yourself-ers.

Available in every color of the rainbow, there's a backsplash out there perfect for every color scheme and one for every design strategy. Backsplashes come in all sorts of non-porous and easy to wipe clean materials like metal, ceramic, glass and stone, because aside from being a beautiful focal point for your kitchen wall, the main purpose of a backsplash is to protect your wall and make it easier to clean up. You'll want to choose a material that can stand up to the amount and type of cooking that you do, as well as one that will last.

You can get more from your basement

Advice, materials and installation on the backsplash that you want for your kitchen are available at Sherlocks Carpet.
We provide the best selection on premade backsplashes and materials to fabricate your own in the Orland Park, Homer Glen, & Tinley Park, IL area.

Our friendly and knowledgeable design experts are happy to help you pick out a design and a material that works for your life and compliments your decor. They'll even help you measure the space in which your backsplash is to be installed, so that it fits in your kitchen literally and aesthetically.

Although some backsplashes can be installed as a fun, do it yourself project, sometimes things get complicated. If your installation requires a lot of electrical rerouting or other expertise, or if you'd just rather not deal with the hassle, Sherlocks Carpet also offers installation by qualified experts.